If you desire to please me in the Bd/Sm side of swirls, and you're here on your own free will, then keep reading..


These are My rules you must adhere to or I will not engage with you outside of consuming my content, pet, no matter how many files you have  collected, even though I adore it, there is only one of Me and there are many of YOU.


  1.  Respect my time. Be an adult. Be human. I'm like a sonar, I know you better than you know yourself.
  2. Pay for My content and always leave your thoughts on said content, failure to do so will result in being told to do your duty as a love slave, and that's not being a very good boy is it? So leave your feedback and make Goddess happy!
  3. There's no need to create an entire social media network just to promote Me, what I personally desire is for you to spread those wallets and support my brand. How so? Directly ask me. "How can I support your brand, Goddess?"
  4. Do not send Me one sentence emails, send Me your eternal interwoven love in the form of a letter, not written by AI, if you use AI toward Me in any form I will block you immediately, same goes for hardcore, not into it, don't ask. No meets offline.
  5. Show Me your obedience by following My social media, engaging with Me, respectfully, and by committing to the dynamic that is a Goddess Dominant and Her love slave. I provide whatever means of Domiance I decide is befitting for a dynamic, meaning everyone, even you subby, are different and will each require your own personal relationship with Me, as to what that details, if you're serious about serving me this way then let's find out.Only TIME can tell if you're truly one of my enchanted brains, love. 


Drip for the Enchantress. 


If you're in deep, send a $500 tribute as an offering, I deserve nothing less.