I’m known as the “Hypnotic Voice Temptress” with curves that go on forever. A LOVE Goddess and Lifestyle FemDom. My natural 38DD breasts and luscious CURVY body will bring you to your knees in a spiraling addiction. I’m a natural cock tease with years of experience in weakening men, indulging in everything fetish and kink related. I am also a skilled HypnoDomme as well as a SENSUAL Dominant.


I adore to be adored, Worshiped and spoiled. Befitting a Goddess naturally.

Worshiping at the temple of Goddess Genevieve never felt so right, so good. I love listening to your fantasies, fetishes and kinks, don’t be afraid to indulge! I get to use them in weakening you ;)


Birthday: December 31st

Age: 32

Nationality: South African

Role/Kink/Occupation: Femdom. ProDomme. Female Domination. Goddess Worship. Hypnosis. Queen. Financial Vixen. Deity.

Height: 5,6ft

Shoe/high-heel size: 9

Favorite color: Green

Favorite flavor: Caramel

Favorite music genre: Classic rock/Jazz and Dance.

Favorite Drink: Margarita's

Other Favorites:

  • Being a LIFESTYLE Goddess ;)
  • Cosplay
  • Traveling
  • Gamer 
  • Nail/spa/massage
  • Cycling
  • making artsy creative projects/costumes
  • Makeup/Tutorials
  • Concerts
  • TV: Suits, Orange is the new black, Big bang theory, Dark Matter, Game of thrones...pretty much anything that's Sci-fi ;)
  • Cooking (Former Chef)
  • Getting creative with graphic/HTML and media projects.
  • Attending Kink parties/Femdom events.






Take note of the following


  • Address me as “Goddess” or “Mistress” at ALL times.

  • Respect me and the time that I give. This is considered a privilege.

  • Do not stray from your word, abuse my time or cause unnecessary drama. If you do, there are several ways to get back into my good graces, which include “Wishlist gift-cards”, Tributes, lengthy apologies and an indication you will not act up again. If these do not satisfy Goddess, I will not hesitate to eradicate you from my realm.

  • Hypnosis is not a game for me, I treasure the inner most vulnerable parts of the mind. I will always keep you safe, adored and in utter pleasure. It's just as much of a turn on for me as it is for you doing Erotic Hypnosis, Sensual Domination and being wonderfully spoiled like the Queen I am.

  • Should you require more of Goddess (real-time sessions, long term service or sub training), this is always done with time, patience and gratitude. Getting to know one another is key to any of the above. And consistancy is a must. Trust is an important factor.