Your Enchantress Genevieve






Welcome My curious and ever adoring puppets..

My name is Lady Genevieve, and I have the Internets sexiest voice.

5.6ft of sassy Mindfucking.














I'm also known  "Enchantress Genevieve" or "QueenofCosplay" through my various stores.

I am a sensualist, a sadist and an Enchanting siren to expand the mind of all it's potential and vibrancy, I'm passionate about my art and the exploration of the mind and the eroticism in which it can manifest, then wrap itself into My control. I am the Poison apple you were warned against but can't leave the addictive taste only felt by my soothing, seductive voice.

I am a FETISH Artist.

I started indulging in adult Erotic Hypnosis in 2012, officially. 

Then I fell in love with Cosplay and role-play.

I now incorporate both sensual, mind Domination AND Cosplay into my productions.

Domination through the mind is where it all begins.. 

Pleasing Me, pleases you. Yes. Good boy.

So therefore, Pleasing Me, pleases you, pleases the dynamic and the NEED to serve Me, yearning for that sweet escape, that Enchanting, that SENSUAL, that sexy, Hypnotic sexual experience of true MIND submission. I am your escape. Let's play and explore your submission to your Goddess Genevieve.

But. Read below first. 



Class is in session.


snapshot - 34


More about Me...



I believe in the rights of human beings, I truly relish in the Female power I hold over the mind/s of those I dominate.

And I believe in Obedience from all My GOOD BOYS.

ALL woman are beautiful and deserve divine respect.



I want you to be better, do better, get healthier, be happier...kinkier...and fulfill those pleasures and kinks with My Sensual influence.

I also adore helping couples find their fire again!


*Note* you will get very minimal interaction with me should you not use this HERE on a regular basis. 


And should you be disrespectful or rude publicly, I will disassociate with you entirely, this includes privately as well.


I may be strict but I'm quite pleasant to approach, especially when I'm out of Goddess mode, and no my loves, I'm not a Goddess 24/7 ;)

I'm a human being after all.





How to be a Good boy for the Enchantress..


Requiremnets : Respect. Personality. Intelligence.  


Binge on my clips, they're made in such a way that the majority of them flow into the other for DEEPER triggers and arousal.


Vote for Me here!  www.kinkbomb.com/studio/worship-goddess-genevieve







In Spoiling Me. (brownie points)

In being of service to My needs.

In supporting the community and ALL sexworkers.




Getting to know the Enchantress on a DEEPER level.

you want this don't you?

you need this.

you aspire to this.




Follow Me on twitter @EnchantressGem
Spread the word of My uniqueness..
Be noticeable. Useful. I find that sexy.













Send Me a letter : yourgoddessgenevieve@gmail.com (Include your username/s and a quality Gift/and more than one paragraph) to be considered a Puppet. Especially if you've been binging on My files, and if not then BINGE the fuck out of them all now ;)











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