Listen to my audio "SURRENDER" and then surrender your mind into blissful submission...there's a good boy.


You've found the perfect Goddess, and you can't stop visitng this page....over, and over again. It's time to pay up your LURKERS TAX my pet.
Sensual Domination/Erotic Hypnosis

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Feminization/Good Gurls

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Birthday: December 31st

Age: 32

Nationality: South African

Role/Kink/Occupation: Femdom. ProDomme. Female Domination. Goddess Worship. Hypnosis. Queen. Financial Vixen. Deity.

Height: 5,6ft

Shoe/high-heel size: 9

Favorite color: Green

Favorite flavor: Caramel

Favorite music genre: Classic rock/Jazz and Dance.

Favorite Drink: Margarita's

Other Favorites:

  • Being a LIFESTYLE Goddess ;)
  • Cosplay
  • Traveling
  • Gamer 
  • Nail/spa/massage
  • Cycling
  • making artsy creative projects/costumes
  • Makeup/Tutorials
  • Concerts
  • TV: Suits, Orange is the new black, Big bang theory, Dark Matter, Game of thrones...pretty much anything that's Sci-fi ;)
  • Cooking (Former Chef)
  • Getting creative with graphic/HTML and media projects.
  • Attending Kink parties/Femdom events.






I’m known as the “Hypnotic Voice Temptress” with curves that go on forever. A LOVE Goddess and Lifestyle FemDom. My natural 38DD breasts and luscious CURVY body will bring you to your knees in a spiraling addiction. I’m a natural cock tease with years of experience in weakening men, indulging in everything fetish and kink related. I am also a skilled HypnoDomme as well as a SENSUAL Dominant.


I adore to be adored, Worshiped and spoiled. Befitting a Goddess naturally.

Worshiping at the temple of Goddess Genevieve never felt so right, so good. I love listening to your fantasies, fetishes and kinks, don’t be afraid to indulge! I get to use them in weakening you ;)


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