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Hi there PUPPET, yes you. Read this over very well. It's your new bible, My already infatuated Worshipper.

Your Goddess is a Busty Red-headed, big blue eyed, BBW, Natural Mind-Gasmsic Expert.

The first thing you should always say in My presence, is Yes Goddess. 

Goddess, Enchantress and Mommy are the only Titles you'll use, or you'll get Ignored/Blocked, the Block feature also applies to submissive men/woman and current boytoys of the Goddess whom have been bad boys/girls.

I’m a cock tease with years of experience in weakening men through my very unique voice and knowledge of being an illustrious HypnoDomme & FETISH ARTIST.

Through erotic Hypnosis, arrives Mind-Gasmic sensations as I slide in and claim your mind as my own, as well as relaxing your inner and outer subconscious for an array of suggestions and submissions.

I'm the perfect 10. Curvaceous, sensual, seductive, hypnotic, teasing, Nerdy, humorous, sadistic and incredibly sexual.

Worshiping at the temple of Goddess Genevieve never felt so right, so good. I love listening to your fantasies, fetishes and kinks, don’t be afraid to indulge! I get to use them in weakening you ;)

Does it hurt knowing you'll never fuck Me?.....


Good ;)


you don't deserve My divine PUSSY.

Pre-booked EROTIC HYPNOSIS Sensual Domination - $4.99/Min (Plan for long calls to better enhance your Erotic Hypnosis session with the Enchantress)

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Feminization/Good Gurls - $1.99/Min

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GFE/Role-Play/Milf/Casual Hypnosis $1.99/Min
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